Location, location, location!

Established in British Columbia, Canada (the uncelebrated hub for ocean technology), the stunningly designed building will become an icon on the landscape of the city of Nanaimo. OceanEXP – Canada’s Centre For Ocean Exploration, will be a truly unique experience unlike anything else in the world.

A new home for exploration

Strategically located on the waterfront and within walking distance to some of Nanaimo’s most visited venues including the cruise ship terminal, Port Theatre, Casino, Conference Centre, and all the pleasures of a modestly big city – dining, shopping, museums, hotels, festivals and art galleries.

Beautiful British Columbia

Nanaimo is considered an urban oasis surrounded by a landscape of peaks, valleys, forested wilderness, lakes and rivers. Incredible wildlife encounters above and await below the waves as Vancouver Island has the world’s best temperate water scuba diving. Nanaimo encompasses the best of British Columbia and the perfect place to kickstart your new passion for exploration!

Simply sophisticated

A simple, sophisticated and stunning design represents the purest of forms, and one present throughout the oceans – the sphere. A contemporary design born from classic thinking, giving life to a journey of interactive digital experiences that will transport you underwater.  The objective of our facility is to provide an experience where the participants not only feel immersed beneath the surface of the ocean, but have an opportunity to interact with it.

Empty tanks

The centre will curate content in a way far more dynamic than a typical museum. Utilizing pioneering digital technology explorers will be able to see and interact with our oceans whilst staying dry, and without any living creatures, big or small, being kept in captivity. Pulse pounding theatrical experiences, interactive learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and rides for all ages will captivate imaginations.

Exploration HQ

OceanEXP will offer floor space and services that support Canadian exploration, helping to nurture and support quests to discover more about our country. Workshops, presentations, discussions, community events and technology development come together to evolve the next generation of explorers and ocean exploration. OceanEXP will become synonymous with exploration.