“A facility like the OceanEXP will be an incredible learning experience for our students. What a great place to expand young minds, motivate youth to explore new worlds and experience an environment they may never normally get to see. This centre would be an invaluable resource for teachers and parents alike and certainly an entertaining facility for people of all ages”

~ Tonia Collins, Educator and Diver

Marine environment

The diversity and importance of our marine environment will play a prominent role throughout OceanEXP. Experiences will offer visitors of all ages a chance to get up close and personal with marine life from the world’s five oceans. Utilizing the latest digital technology we’ll bring the underwater environment into the hands of our visitors! We want to foster the relationship between mankind and marine life, through education and inspiring positive actions, whilst offering a world class entertainment experience.

Ocean technology

British Columbia is home not only to an array of incredibly marine life, but also some of the world’s most successful and respected ocean pioneers. Since the 1950’s BC has had a prominent standing in the world of ocean exploration, an industry that has grown exponentially since.  Advancements in deep sea submersibles, one atmosphere diving suits, autonomous underwater vehicles and remotely operated vehicles have put BC on the map as the world’s ocean technology centre. This theme will be carried throughout the OceanEXP experiences, informing our visitors about BC’s legacy, whilst inspiring a new generation to discover even more!

Underwater mountains

Do you think rocks are boring? Well you’re wrong! British Columbia is known for its incredible mountain ranges, from Whistler to Mount Washington. But those mountains don’t stop at the waterline, the keep going. Down, down, down. And like the mountains above water, these subaquatic mountains are home to a stunning amount of life and natural history, holding the very secrets to Earth’s origins, and possibly our future. After visiting OceanEXP you’ll never look at a rock in the same way again!

Digital approach

OceanEXP will be unlike any other water experience on the planet, why? Well, we’ll have no water! We won’t have any tanks, no mammals or marine life in captivity, no touch tanks, and no fish. All our experiences will be created using pioneering digital technology, incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality, multi sensory theatre experiences, robotics, and good old fashion physical displays that you can touch, feel and use. Utilizing this technology will enable us to evolve and adapt to a changing world, educational values, and generational interests. Our experiences will be where educational and technology collide, in spectator fashion.


OceanEXP is all about exploring the world’s oceans, and with that we are indebted to our seas. Ocean conservation is of growing importance for the future of our planet and the generations that will call it home. OceanEXP will look at how technology and innovation, paired with responsibility and passion can help us recover and re-nourish our planets greatest and most essential resource.


Stories are an integral part of learning and sharing, OceanEXP is a grand scale digital story book built around a stunning physical location. The world’s greatest ocean explorers and pioneers will come together to share their experiences, passions and knowledge with our visitors. From key exhibits, to community events story telling is at the heart of OceanEXP.