OceanEXP invites you to become an underwater explorer as you journey through our oceans using new technologies to discover a breathtaking world of wonder and opportunity.

Canada’s Centre For Ocean Exploration will tell the stories of our most inspiring explorers, technologists, and pioneers, using unique interactive and immersive digital experiences. OceanEXP educates, inspires and entertains a new generation of ocean explorers – without getting wet!

Engage your imagination by rediscovering 70% of our planet.

Exploring the unique

OceanEXP will provide an experience where our visitors not only feel immersed beneath the surface of the ocean, but have an opportunity to interact with it. OceanEXP’s broad range of experiences offer a unique approach to ocean exploration, appealing to a broad demographic of individuals, families, schools and explorers.

We start by creating a world class, game changing facility at the gateway to the rugged Canadian west coast – Nanaimo is the hub for travellers arriving from around the world looking to discover the Pacific Ocean. OceanEXP has been designed by award winning architects, and emerges from the shoreline as an extension of the ocean itself. The building will become iconic within BC, Canada, North America and the world, its form echoing the message for its creation.

Throughout the overall experience we will celebrate British Columbia’s pioneering contribution to ocean technology. Used by explorers and researchers all over the world, BC has lead the way in design and engineering of deep sea ocean technology, regarded by many as the best tools in the world.

OceanEXP will curate content from all over the globe, it will become a centre to learn, see and interact with explorers, cinematographers, engineers and innovators from around the world. It will become the home of Canadian ocean exploration, with regular talks, shows, galleries, discussions, exhibits, and workshops.

An exciting aspect to OceanEXP will be its ability to change. Because of the digital nature of the experiences OceanEXP has a unique ability to evolve along with our understanding of the oceans. OceanEXP will not only be on the cutting edge of technology, it will also be on the pulse of explorers the world over.

All our visitors will leave OceanEXP having learned one thing above all others…

Everyone can be an explorer.

Board of Directors & Advisors

OceanEXP is overseen by the Nanaimo Deep Discovery Association (NDDA) is an independent non-profit organization incorporated under the BC Societies Act. The Board of Directors is made up of a volunteer group of business professionals dedicated to improving the tourism and economic outlook for Nanaimo and British Columbia.

Bill Nadeau, Director/President

Phil Stiller, Director/Vice-President

Mike Herold, Director/Secretary

Graham Roberts, Director/Treasurer

Tim Tessier, Director, Media Relations

Lorne Hildebrand, Director

Ben Checkwitch, Advisor

David Poiron, Advisor


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