“A facility like the OceanEXP will be an incredible learning experience for our students. What a great place to expand young minds, motivate youth to explore new worlds and experience an environment they may never normally get to see. This centre would be an invaluable resource for teachers and parents alike and certainly an entertaining facility for people of all ages”

~ Tonia Collins

OceanEXP will be unlike any other water experience on the planet, why? Well, we’ll have no water! We won’t have any tanks, no mammals or marine life in captivity, no touch tanks, and no fish. All our experiences will be created using pioneering digital technology, incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality, multi sensory theatre experiences, robotics, and good old fashion physical displays that you can touch, feel and use. Utilizing this technology will enable us to evolve and adapt to a changing world, educational values, and generational interests. Our experiences will be where educational and technology collide, in spectator fashion!